The Board of Trustees to the AGNES Governing Board was ratified and approved at an AGNES AGM in December 2016 in Benin.

What is the role of the AGNES Board of Trustees?

Provide ongoing support and guidance for the Governing Board of AGNES; review performance of the Governing Board.
Monitor that the organization's mission and purpose is followed at all times.
Enhance the organization's public image.
Monitor the organization's programs and service.
Organise the nomination and election of the Governing Board of AGNES.
Serve as mediation body.
Report regularly on its own performance to the Governing Board.


Prof. Remi Sonaiya (Linguist & Polician)

Prof. Alexander Ferrein (Robotics)

Prof. Romain Glele Kakai (Biomath)

Prof. D. Simo (Germanistic)

Prof. Tsige Gebra-Mariam (Pharmacy)

Prof. Christa Rautenbach (Law)

The AGNES Governing Board (2017 & 2018)

Chair: Dr Heather Marco, South Africa  -  (Animal physiology/neuroendocrinology)
Vice-Chair: Prof. Jens Gebauer, Germany (Horticulture)

Secretary: Prof. O. Clement Adebooye, Nigeria (Agronomy/Plant Physiology)

Who are they?