Welcome to the AGNES network

AGNES is an acronym for the African-German Network of Excellence in Science, restricted to Africa south of the Sahara Desert (i.e. sub-Sahara Africa). AGNES was conceptualised and founded in November 2011 in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), at a meeting held between alumni of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (Humboldtians) from 11 African countries and representatives from Germany (Humboldtians and other scientists involved with the Humboldt Foundation, as well as representatives of various German Ministries). The Governing Body of AGNES was elected immediately after adoption of the Constitution on 06 March 2014 in Nairobi (Kenya).

The network is designed to enhance the leading role played by research and innovation in sustainable development in Sub-Saharan Africa, to bring the existing expertise of the sub-Saharan African Humboldtians together in an outwardly visible manner, and to strengthen cooperation and scientific exchange with Germany.

AGNES: Aims and ObjectivesUltimately, AGNES aims to support social change in Africa, which is creating more scope for individual achievement, and making academic excellence a socially recognised criterion for professional development in Africa. The chief objectives of AGNES, thus, are

These objectives are enshrined in the Constitution of AGNES.

The current Office Bearers of AGNES:

President / Chair
Dr Heather G. Marco
University of Cape Town in South Africa

Vice-President / Vice-Chair
Prof. Jens Gebauer
Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences in Germany

Prof. Hamadi I. Boga
Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in Kenya


Partnersof AGNES

  1. The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Bad Godesberg in Germany
  2. TWAS (the Third World Academy of Science) Trieste, Italy
  3. The German Federal Ministry of Research and Development (BMBF) - http://www.bmbf.de/en/

What can AGNES offer its members?

Joining AGNES

Eligibility criteria:

(a) Humboldtians from sub-Sahara Africa and their German research partners;

(b) German Humboldtians with Research interests in Africa. Membership is free.

Application procedure: only by invitation. Details will be sent by email to eligible candidates who wish to apply for AGNES Membership.

Contact AGNES

Email address of the AGNES desk: info@agnes-h.org

AGNES website: www.agnes-h.org