Dr. Abdelgader Hayder

Male | Sudan | Crop science

Prof.Dr. Adebooye Clement

Male | Nigeria | Crop sciences

Prof.Dr. Ajibefun Igbekele

Male | Nigeria | Agricultural economics

Dr Akintayo Cecilia Olufunke

Female | Nigeria | Organic Chemical technology

Dr Atindogbe Gratien

Male | Cameroon | African Studies, Languages ​​and Cultures of Africa

Dr Ackson Tulia

Female | Tanzania | Social law

Dr Adelowo O. Olufemi

Female | Nigeria | Metabolism, Biochemistry and genetics of microorganisms

Dr Agbor Dieudonne

Male | Cameroon | Analysis, differential equations

Prof.Dr. Akinyemi Felicia O.

Female | Nigeria | Geoinformatics

Prof.Dr. Attama Anthony

Male | Nigeria | Pharmacy

Prof.Dr. Adah Mohammed

Male | Nigeria | Virology

Dr Adesoji A. Omotayo

Male | Nigeria | History

Prof.Dr. Ahoua Firmin

Male | Cote d’Ivoire | General and applied linguistics

Prof.Dr. Akinyemi Olusegun

Male | Nigeria | Metabolism, Biochemistry and genetics of microorganisms

Dr Audu Idi G.

Male | Nigeria | Process and agricultural engineering

Prof.Dr. Adebiyi Ezekiel Femi

Male | Nigeria | Bioinformatics and theoretical biology

Prof.Dr. Adiku G. Kwasi

Male | Ghana | Crop science

Prof.Dr. Akinloye Oluyemi

Male | Nigeria | Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine

Dr Akpabio E. Matthew

Male | Nigeria | Human geography

Dr Avohou Cocou

Male | Benin | Methematics